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“ I believe that the health and well-being of clergy are essential to the health and strength of the church. Conversely, congregations need to strive to become the caring community of Christ in which all, inclusive of those Called to Ordered Ministry, can be nurtured and sustained. It is through our compassion and care for all that we speak clearly to the world of the good news of Christ. ”

Contact Me:

Phone Number : 416-978-6154
Email Address : andrew.irvine@utoronto.ca

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Irvine, Adjunct Faculty in Pastoral Theology, Director of the TST Doctor of Ministry Program & Director of the Centre for Clergy Care & Congregational Health


Andrew is adjunct Faculty, the Director of the Centre for Clergy Care and Congregational Health.

His interests are in issues of leadership and Pastoral Ministry, the well-being (wholeness) of Clergy, congregational studies and small church Ministry.

Andrew and his wife Suzanne are part of the Caledonia Presbyterian Church.

His areas of teaching are Intro to The Practice of Ministry, Theological Field Education and Human Growth and Spiritual Journey.

My publications:

  • “Isolation in the Parish: The Concept,” Contact: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Pastoral Studies, 1989.1
  • Between Two Worlds: Understanding and Managing Clergy Stress, London, England: Mowbray, 1997
  • Small Churches – Being True to Who We Are. Envision. Toronto World Vision 2001
  • “Ministerial Isolation and Spiritual Formation,” The Theological Educator, New Orleans, Louisiana. Spring, 1991
  • “The Place and Voice of Canadian Military Chaplaincy in the Canadian Armed Forces” DND
  • “An Examination of the Well-Being of Clergy in Ontario” funded by The Beatty Ryckmann Foundation.

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