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Summer Program Course D

August 17 -21, 2015
11:00 – 12:30 PM

Hope is something we are all familiar with, individually and collectively. Over the last several decades there has been increasing interest and research on hope and how hope functions in lived human experience and in the modern North American consciousness.  Many are concerned that in the contemporary world hope is at risk because people no longer have a shared vision for the future or a sense of transcendent purpose by which to interpret the meaning of life. This course will explore the history of hope in the North American context and its presence in lived human experience.  Drawing on cultural studies and healthcare research, it will propose alternative ways of recognizing and living in hope, especially in contexts of change and adversity.

Pamela R. McCarroll is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Knox College in the University of Toronto.  She is a certified teaching Supervisor in the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC), and prior to Knox she served at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre overseeing Spiritual Care. She has published 2 books on hope and several articles on related themes such as spirituality and health.

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