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The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life

The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life does not require an undergraduate degree. The courses can be taken for interest or credit. Instructors are Knox College Faculty and graduate students, as well as others drawn from the TST and PCC.

The Certificate requires participants to complete four basic courses in the areas of Bible, Theology, History, and Lay Ministry, and four elective courses in various areas of theological inquiry.

The certificate courses are all taught by distance education.

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Instructor: Rev. Dr. Dong Ha Kim
Dates: September 12 – October 24,  2016

Scripture calls each of us to grow as Christ’s disciple. This growth occurs as we journey in our lives with Christ as our guide. It results in the joy of discovery and transformation. Throughout the journey of faith, God’s people are forced to grapple with questions such as, “How is it possible to live in a world with so many stresses and worries, and yet be faithful to our Triune God?” This journey demands all we can give it. Yet according to the testimony of ages and the glimpse of the future given to us through God’s grace, the end goal is worth every ounce of our struggle.

Spirituality is a daily discipline wherein each disciple receives God’s love and is given strength and courage to engage our unique challenges. Aided by select readings, exercises, and interactions, this course will explore several key facts that constitute contemporary Reformed Spirituality. This course is designed to explore spirituality as one of the most fundamental precepts of the Christian faith.

Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Dong Ha Kim is a graduate of Knox College and is currently minister of First Presbyterian in Brandon, Manitoba.

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Emily Rodgers BissetREFORMED WORSHIP

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Emily Bisset
Dates: October 31 – December 15, 2016

As Christians, we believe that our worship is service to God. Most of us consider worship one of the central commitments of our faith, yet few of us know why we worship the way that we do, or what sets our worship as people of the Reformed tradition apart from our Christian sisters and brothers of other theological traditions. This course will focus on the distinct characteristics of and theology behind Reformed worship. We will specifically look at the elements and order of our worship to see what they reflect about what we believe. We will address topics such as Word and Sacraments, prayer, music, and our worship space. Worship is an encounter with God, and understanding the practices and traditions of Reformed worship can enrich and enliven that encounter, which is at the very centre of our faith.

Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Emily Bisset is a graduate of Knox and a minister of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Toronto, Ontario.

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Admission Deadlines

Admission Deadlines

  • For Fall Admission: May 31
  • For Winter Admission: October 31
  • For Spring/Summer Admission: February 15
  • For Th.M. and Ph.D.: check current date
  • For D.Min.: check current date

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