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The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life

The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life does not require an undergraduate degree. The courses can be taken for interest or credit. Instructors are Knox College Faculty and graduate students, as well as others drawn from the TST and PCC.

The Certificate requires participants to complete four basic courses in the areas of Bible, Theology, History, and Lay Ministry, and four elective courses in various areas of theological inquiry.

The certificate courses are all taught by distance education. Students are required to log on to the course once weekly, preferably early in the week, to complete any assigned reading and writing.

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Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Andrew Irvine
Dates: October 16 through November 27, 2017

How do we co-exist and foster spirituality in a neighbourhood of religious diversity? What does it mean to be uniquely Christian while honouring the faith stance of others? This course will examine what it means to go beyond tolerance to love. Religious Studies Professor Douglas John Hall (retired) of McGill reminds us that Jesus did not teach us to “tolerate our neighbours” but rather “to love our neighbours.” It is the assertion of this course that religious diversity is not a problem within our neighbourhood but rather the opportunity for spiritual growth. This course will examine the changing religious scene in our communities, promote an understanding of other faith orders and develop possible ways of communication sponsoring community harmony and spiritual growth.

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Admission Deadlines

Admission Deadlines

  • For Fall Admission: May 31
  • For Winter Admission: October 31
  • For Spring/Summer Admission: February 15
  • For Th.M. and Ph.D.: check current date
  • For D.Min.: check current date

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