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The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life

The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life does not require an undergraduate degree. The courses can be taken for interest or credit. Instructors are Knox College Faculty and graduate students as well as others drawn from the TST and PCC.

The Certificate requires one to complete four basic courses in the areas of Bible, Theology, History and Lay Ministry and four elective courses in various areas of theological inquiry.

The certificate courses are all taught by distance education.


Instructor: Dr. Laura Alary
Dates: January 18 – February 22,  2016

Details: In this course we will focus on the complex task of reading and interpreting the New Testament.  We will begin by examining ourselves as readers and asking how our own backgrounds and experiences influence how we read this collection of texts.  Next, we will discuss what the New Testament is, and what it is not, where it comes from, how it was formed, and how it has been used over the centuries.  Finally, we will learn about different methods of interpretation which may provide new insight into familiar biblical texts.

Instructor: Laura Alary is a teacher, preacher, writer, workshop leader and storyteller. She has degrees in Classics (Hons. B.A., Dalhousie), Theology (M.Div., Knox) and New Testament (Ph.D., University of St. Michael’s College). Currently she is the Christian Education Coordinator at Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church and a denominational trainer for the programme Children and Worship. When she is not teaching, she writes picture books (including Is That Story True?) and spends as much time as possible with her own three children.

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Instructor: The Rev. Dr. Pam McCarroll
Dates: March 14 – April 18, 2016

Details: How is the love of God present at the deathbed, in times crisis, through periods of loss and upset?  God’s love is present through God’s people-people who are prepared to be present amidst the challenges of life.  This course will introduce participants to some of the basics of pastoral care.  It will highlight how to care for people who struggle with meaning, people who are dying, people who suffer from forms of dementia and those experiencing loss and grief.  Join us and further develop your capacity for pastoral care. Participants will read two books: Pamela R. McCarroll, “The End of hope – The Beginning: Narratives of Hope in the Face of Death and Trauma” (Fortress Press, 2014) and June Stevenson-Moessner, “A Primer in Pastoral Care,” (Fortress Press, 2005).  Both are available through Amazon.

Instructor: The Reverend Dr. Pam McCarroll is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology & Director of Theological Field Education at Knox College. Pam joined the faculty in 2008.  Her areas of teaching are  Pastoral Theology, Practice of Ministry, Field Education, and Pastoral Integration. Pam is a gifted writer, preacher, presenter, and teacher. Her first passion is teaching and this is what she has said about her love of teaching.  “As a teacher there is nothing more life giving than bearing witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit in the coming together of heart and mind through the learning process. It is in such moments that a blessed ’yes’ moves through my soul and I find myself standing on holy ground.”      

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