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The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life

The Certificate in Christian Faith and Life does not require an undergraduate degree. The courses can be taken for interest or credit. Instructors are Knox College Faculty and graduate students, as well as others drawn from the TST and PCC.

The Certificate requires participants to complete four basic courses in the areas of Bible, Theology, History, and Lay Ministry, and four elective courses in various areas of theological inquiry.

The certificate courses are all taught by distance education. Students are required to log on to the course once weekly, preferably early in the week, to complete any assigned reading and writing.

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dsc_0265-01-cr5x7GOSPEL OF JOHN 

Instructor: Dr. Frank Kovacs
Dates: January 16 through February 27, 2017

This course examines the Gospel of John as a unique part of the Synoptic Gospel tradition. As such, John’s Gospel will be studied for its distinctive theological contribution generated by unique themes, motifs and narrative features such as light and darkness, life and death, and misunderstanding and conflict. This course will solicit discussion and reflection on our own religious contexts within developing diverse twenty-first century cultures. Course content delivery will consist of online activities, forums and written material.  In addition to reading and online participation (30%), students are required to complete and submit weekly responses to assigned questions on the weekly reading (30%); students are also required to complete and submit a final analysis and reflection paper (5 pages) on a preapproved passage of the student’s choice (40%).

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dave-philipsTHE TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION’S CALLS TO ACTION – AND ME!                                                 

Instructor: David Phillips
Dates: March 6 through April 17, 2017

Chanie “Charlie” Wenjack was an Anishinaabe boy and only 12 years old when he ran away from Cecilia Jeffrey Residential School, located near Kenora, Ontario. Chanie’s attempt to return home and see his father led to his death on the side of railway tracks from hunger and exposure to harsh weather. The year 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Chanie’s death.

“The tragedy of Chanie Wenjack is a part of the sad legacy of residential schools. His story has an important place in our history as a denomination. As we continue to ask forgiveness from Aboriginal peoples, we pray and hope we can also find opportunities to find healing and wholeness together” (Rev. Stephen Kendall, Principal Clerk of the General Assembly).

The journey of healing and reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada is a path laden with painful truth telling. The concluding paragraph of The Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Confession continues to challenge us as this journey continues.

We ask, also, for forgiveness from Aboriginal peoples. What we have heard we acknowledge. It is our hope that those whom we have wronged with a hurt too deep for telling will accept what we have to say. With God’s guidance our Church will seek opportunities to walk with Aboriginal peoples to find healing and wholeness together as God’s people.

This course is intended to help students understand our denomination’s involvement with residential schools, intended or not, in destroying indigenous culture.  The course will focus on learning about our complicity and how we today might as a church respond to the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls for Action as it specifically relates to congregations and be actively involved together with our indigenous brothers and sisters in reconciliation.

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Admission Deadlines

Admission Deadlines

  • For Fall Admission: May 31
  • For Winter Admission: October 31
  • For Spring/Summer Admission: February 15
  • For Th.M. and Ph.D.: check current date
  • For D.Min.: check current date

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