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Korean Bible Academy at Knox

The Korean Bible Academy at Knox College was developed in response to the growing need of Korean people to continue to study the Bible and offer effective leadership in the Korean Churches in Canada. COURSES ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD. Please contact Sung Il Moon for more information.

Purpose of Education

This program helps develop faithful and creative lay leaders for the church. The purpose of the program is also to help people respond as faithful Christians to the social and spiritual needs of the world.


There is no educational requirement. Any lay leaders, elders kwonsas, deacons and new believers who wish to pursue a fruitful faith life are welcome.


This is a three year six semester program.  Each semester is 8 weeks long. Students are able to take two courses per semester for a total of twelve courses to receive the Certificate in the Korean Bible Academy. One course is offered in Korean Language and one course in English. A translator is provided for courses in English.

Courses that are offered through the Academy are:

Reading the Bible
Immigration Story in the Old Testament
Messianic Thought in Isaiah and Ezekiel
Amos and Social Justice
Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels
Jesus in the Book of John
Mission History of Acts
Paul and the Church in Corinth
Paul and the Romans
Pastoral Epistles and Lay Ministry
Apocalyptic Writings
The Bible and Women
Teaching the Bible
The Wisdom Literature

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