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Current Syllabi

Fall 2016

KNB1006 – Reading the Old Testament
KNB2131 – Greek Exegesis

KNH1015 – A Global History of Christianity (NEW)
KNH3201/6201 – The Long Scottish Reformation. 1510-1710 (NEW)

KNP1352 – Basics of Biblical Preaching
KNP1443 – Human Growth & Spiritual Journey
KNP1601 – Theology and Practice of Ministry
KNP3426 – Approaches to Teaching Bible in the Church
KNP3663 – Pastoral Integration
KNP5021 – Culture and the Practice of Ministry
KNP5307 -Preaching and Biblical Method (NEW)

KNT2431 – Church, Ministry, Sacraments
KNT2608 – Religions in Dialogue
KNT2964 – Christian Ethics for Biosphere and Context
KNT3501/6501 – Seminar on John Calvin
KNT5651HS -Twentieth Century Ecumenical Missional Ecclesiology (NEW)

Winter 2017

KNB1501 – Understanding the New Testament
KNB3232/6232 – Bible in Context: Amos (Link for 6232)
KNB5741 – Paul and the Septuagint

Online Course:

KNB1006 – Old Testament Introduction
KNH1015 -A Global History of Christianity (NEW)


KNH2010 – History of Christianity II (843-1648) (NEW)
TXH3806 – Calvin, Wesley & Canada (At Emmanuel College)
KNH3571 -Presbyterian Tradition in Canada (NEW)

KNP1101 – Reformed Worship
KNP1446 – Educational Ministry of the Church
KNP2101 – Worship Practicum
KNP2548 – Self, Family, Culture: Spiritual Care in Context
KNP3372/6372 – Preaching Practicum: 1 Corinthians (NEW)
KNP3490/6490 – Theories of Contemporary Christian Education
KNP3501/6501 – Suffering and Hope

KNT1101 – Intro to Reformed Theology
KNT3585/6585 – The Theology of Jürgen Moltmann

Mission Practicum
KNF3060 – Mission Practicum Cuba


Spring/Summer 2016

KNB1001HF – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I
KNB1002 – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II
KNB2665 – The Gospel of Luke

KNP3511 – Spiritual Care, Assessment and Planning
KNP3732 – Congregational Leadership
KNP2521 – Family Intervention Program
KNP3732 – Theology and Practice of Ministry(online)

Previous Summer Courses

KNB1513 – Elementary NT  Greek I and II

KNP1446 – Educational Ministry of the Church
KNP3510 – Spiritual Crises and Care

KNT2310  – Reformed Spirituality: Spirituality of the Cross
KNT2431 – Church, Ministry and Sacraments

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