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Scholarships & Awards

Mabel Dewar Scholarships
Through a very generous donation from the estate of the late Mabel Dewar, the following scholarships are available:

  • M.Div. Entrance Scholarship – This scholarship is given to an entering student with first class standing. The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis and may be renewed for two consecutive years. Currently the scholarship is $3,000.
  • M.Div. International Scholarship – This is for the promising student from a developing country who has the endorsement of his or her denomination. Currently the award is $4,000.
  • Doctoral Entrance Scholarship – This scholarship is available to a Knox College Advanced Degree student entering the Toronto School of Theology’s Th.D. Program. It is currently $4,000. renewable once for $3,000.

Ewart Scholarships

As a result of the amalgamation of Knox and Ewart, the former Ewart Scholarships are now available to students enrolled in the amalgamated College. The scholarships have been reviewed so that students benefit from various awards and the intention of the donors is honoured.

The Knox College Post-Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship, currently valued at $10,000 is awarded annually on the basis of acceptance to a Th.D./Ph.D. Degree. The graduate must have completed all work for the Master of Divinity degree with first class standing while enrolled in Knox College, with at least the last two academic years being on a full time basis.

The Knox College Gold Medal

This merit based prize is awarded to the student graduating from the M.Div. Program who has achieved the highest overall average. This prize has a cash