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KNT2571 – Theology and Evangelism in the Wesleyan Heritage

By examining major elements of John Wesley theology in his sermons, journals and diaries, this course will explore the heritages of Wesley theology within the tradition of Reformation theology and recognize the contribution of Wesleyan theology to the development of theology in general. Because Wesley attempted, about 200 years later after Luther and Calvin, to revitalize Reformation theology and overcome its limits in various contexts, both Wesleyan and non-Wesleyan (especially Calvinist) students will have a chance to learn and exercise the traditional theology in the present post-modern world. The course will be in seminar format with lecture input, analysis of readings, student presentation and class discussion. Attention is given to the nuances of the denominations represented by those who enrolled in the course.

Schedule: Not scheduled for 2016-2017 Academic Year
Instructors: Chun Hoi Heo
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit