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KNP5021- Culture and Practical Ministry

Culture Matters! How does culture shape practical ministry? How does practical ministry affect cultural renewal? Practical ministry includes education, preaching, worship, and pastoral care ministry of the church. In this course we will analyze how culture and practical ministry interacted in specific historical periods, and evaluate ways that could have been more appropriate for practitioners of the Christian ministry to respond to those cultural contexts. Also, through cultural sketch of one’s own context, the student will envision the future of practical ministry, not only engaging in, but also challenging his/her own culture. Prof. Anne Anderson and Prof. Dorcas Gordon will take parts in areas in Preaching and Pastoral Care. Seminars, lectures, discussion, watching films. Class Participation (20%) Leading Seminar(40%) Final Paper (40%)

Schedule: Wednesday, 11:00 to 13:00

Instructors: Nam Soon Song

Other Information: First Semester · One Credit