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KNOXFRA Wine Tasting – Thursday, March 12, 2015 7:00pm – 9:30pm

“We are going to taste 6 wines, paired with cheese or food. They are all from North and South America, in honour of the Pan Am Games we are hosting in July. I am going to lead the attendees through a structured tasting, and assess the quality indicators in the wine we taste. I will be impressing on them the different areas we focus on in a tasting, e.g. colour, nose, palate and quality assessment. We are aiming for a lighthearted atmosphere for the most part, so that folks can come together in a casual environment and socialise with past and present residents at Knox, while learning a little bit about some wine and perhaps taste some wine they’ve not tasted before.”

Ted Crysler
Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirits and a former Knox College resident (K’90-93).

KNOXFRA events are open to all former and current residents of Knox College

Tickets are $30 for former residents and guests
Current Knox residents are $10

purchase your ticket now;

For more information call 416.946.0176 or email elena.livertovsky@utoronto.ca