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Professor Stuart Macdonald contributes to book on Canadian Churches and WWI

As Professor of Church and Society, The Rev. Dr. Stuart Macdonald’s research has focused on changing face of religion, in particular Christianity, in Canada.

His work has been included in a new publication, Canadian Churches and the First World War (Edited by Gordon L. Heath), that is available now. You can purchase the book through its publisher, Wipf and Stock, or through Amazon.


Canadian Churches and the First World War - Professor Stuart Macdonald contributes to book Most accounts of Canada and the First World War either ignore or merely mention in passing the churches’ experience. Such neglect does not do justice to the remarkable influence of the wartime churches nor to the religious identity of the young Dominion. The churches’ support for the war was often wholehearted, but just as often nuanced and critical, shaped by either the classic just war paradigm or pacifism’s outright rejection of violence. The war heightened issues of Canadianization, attitudes to violence, and ministry to the bereaved and the disillusioned. It also exacerbated ethnic tensions within and between denominations, and challenged notions of national and imperial identity. The authors of this volume provide a detailed summary of various Christian traditions and the war, both synthesizing and furthering previous research. In addition to examining the experience of Roman Catholics (English and French speaking), Anglicans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, Mennonites, and Quakers, there are chapters on precedents formed during the South African War, the work of military chaplains, and the roles of church women on the home front.

Professor Pamela McCarroll’s second book is now available!
end of hope
We are thrilled to announce that The Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll’s second book this year, The End of Hope—The Beginning: Narratives of Hope in the Face of Death and Trauma, is now available for purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can do so online through Indigo, Amazon or Google Books, or check with your local book retailer!

Our experiences of hope in the face of difficulties are as varied as our lives, and yet there has been very little examination of the ways we hope.

A skilled and compassionate storyteller, McCarroll introduces readers to five expressions of hope through detailed and poignant case studies. On that foundation she then builds a discussion of the possibilities, limitations, and value of each approach. The result is an engaging and optimistic exploration of hope in difficult times.

“Pamela R. McCarroll’s creative analysis of the highly complex notion of hope invites spiritual care providers and others to wade into the conversation. McCarroll takes seriously the crisis of hope that occurs when we encounter tragedy, grief, and other endings. She shows how hope takes new and unexpected forms: the refusal to give up, the despondency in letting go, the insistence to keep on living, the courage to be vulnerable and angry, and more. The often surprising resilience of the human spirit comes alive in these pages. Each person will recognize her or himself at points in these narratives of hope.” —Tracy J. Trothen Queen’s University


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