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Registration for Summer Academic Session opens April 1

Registration for the summer academic session at Knox College opens April 1.

Courses will be available for registration through ROSI.

MAY 20 – MAY 30, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Theologies of Protestant Spirituality and Formation KNT 3345HF/6345HF

Instructor: Charles J. Fensham

Course Description: This course will examine Protestant Theological Teaching and Traditions of Spirituality and Formation as rooted in medieval and reformation approaches with a particular reference to the Reformed Tradition. In the light of these traditions the course will challenge students to develop a credible and constructive theological framework for spirituality and formation in the 21st century North American and particularly Canadian context.

JUNE 2 – JUNE 13, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Suffering and Hope: Theology and Practice KNP 3501HF/6501HF

Instructor: Pamela R. McCarroll

Course Description: This course explores the practical and theological intersections of suffering and hope. Drawing from the Scriptures, constructive/systematic and pastoral theology we will consider ways to understand, recognize and practice hope in the context of the devastations and suffering in life. Far from ignoring suffering in the face of hope, this course explores the hidden intersections and discontinuities between suffering and hope and seeks out a deeper ground for hope that does not flee from or obscure the trauma, grief and injustice in life, but faces it head on in theology and practice.

Small Church: Strong, Healthy, Effective Ministry KNP3665HF/ KNP6665HF

Instructor: Andrew R. Irvine

Course Description: This course will explore the nature of the small church and its place within the context of society, the ecclesiastical world, the local community and the lives of individuals. How health in the small church is determined will be considered. Participants will bring their experience and issues as a partial basis for examining the uniqueness of ministry in and through the small church. Consideration will be given to theological, sociological, psychological, cultural and demographic factors which affect the small church. Special emphasis will be placed on issues of leadership for renewal.

JUNE 9 – 20, 9:30 – 12:30 p.m.

The Message and Social World of the Hebrew Prophets KNB33XXHF

Instructor: Aubrey J. Botha

Course Description: This course will study some of the most interesting material in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Our study will concentrate on the Hebrew prophets (their life (time), work, and message (pre-exilic, exilic, and post-exilic) as it unfolds within their historical and social context. We will examine their theological significance for their time but also how their message and theology translates into the world of the New Testament as well as into the setting of the post-modern reader. This course has both Biblical and theological content.

FRIDAYS: May 9 –June 27, 9:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

(9-11 – Presentation; 11-12:30 – Seminar, activity-based learning) 

Spiritual Distress, Crises and Care: Theory and Practice- KNP3510HF

Faculty: Faculty: Pamela R. McCarroll, Knox College and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervisors of GTA: Jan Kraus; Marc Doucet; Sharon Konyen; Bob Hunt; Kathy Edmison; Anke Flohr; Kosu Boudreau; Linda Kuschnik; Shawn Lucas.

Course Description: Practitioners of spiritual care, whether in institutional, community or ecclesial contexts, need to be able to recognize and respond to the multiple ways that death, major loss and mental health can impact human behaviour, relationships and functioning. This course covers central theories related to spiritual assessment and care in the face of trauma, suicide, crisis, dementia and grief. As well, it provides a strong grounding to understand common mental health challenges that can impact healing, including mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as identified in the DSM-V. Students will have the opportunity to develop assessment and spiritual care practices to work effectively with people facing life-altering situations. This course is intended for CPE students and interested others.

Knox College Announces 2014 Honorary Degree Recipients

At its 170th Convocation ceremony on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Knox College will confer the degree Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) to The Rev. Dr. John de Gruchy and The Rev. Mark Lewis. The Board of Governors have selected The Rev. Dr. John de Gruchy and The Rev. Mark Lewis based on their effective, faithful creative leadership in mission and various levels of church life, as well as their scholarly contributions to the life of the Church and academic community.

The Rev. Dr. John de Gruchy

John de Gruchy is Emeritus Professor of Christian Studies at the University of Cape Town. He studied at the University of Cape Town, Rhodes University, Chicago Theological Seminary, the University of Chicago, and at the University of South Africa. An ordained minister in the United Congregational Church, he served two congregations before joining the staff of the South African Council of Churches in 1968, where he was director of Communications and Studies. In 1973 he was appointed to the faculty of the University of Cape Town where he eventually became the Robert Selby Taylor Professor of Christian Studies and during the last few years of his tenure, the Director of the Graduate School in Humanities. He retired in 2003 and was appointed a Senior Research Scholar at UCT and an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Stellenbosch, and remains active in both institutions engaged in research publishing and mentoring.

John has authored or edited more than thirty books on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the church in South Africa, contextual, public and Reformed theology, social history, Christianity and the arts, reconciliation and justice, and Christian humanism. Among his books are Christianity, Art and Social Transformation; Reconciliation: Restoring Justice; Being Human: Confessions of a Christian Humanist; John Calvin: Christian Humanist and Evangelical Reformed; and, most recently, Led Into Mystery: Faith Seeking Answers in Life and Death.

The Rev. J. Mark Lewis

J. Mark Lewis is the minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Kitchener. Mark is a graduate of McMaster University and Knox College. He has served as a prison chaplain and a pastoral minister. During his ministry In Knox Presbyterian Church, Dunnville, he was elected “Citizen of the Year” in recognition of his volunteer service to the Fire Department, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Canadian Cancer Society and several other community organizations. Mark was elected Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 2002 and has served as Vice-Convener and Convener of the National Assembly Council, Convener of the National Long Range Planning Committee and the National Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee. He continues to serve the National Church as a member of the Canadian Christian-Jewish Consultation and the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission of Canada.


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