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Knox signs partnership agreement with Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary

Dr. Pusin Tali, President of Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary, Dr. Stephanie Ling, Convener of the Board of Governors and Principal Dorcas Gordon sign the agreement.

In celebration of the almost 140 year old relationship between The Presbyterian Church in Canada and The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, Knox College and the Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary have entered into a five year agreement which includes student and faculty exchanges.

Beginning with a worship service and celebration held at Knox College on September 14, Dr. Pusin Tali, President of Yu-Shan, Principal Dorcas Gordon and Dr. Stephanie Ling, Convener of the Knox College Board of Governors, signed a copy of the agreement to reside at the College that will give each a better understanding of their respective heritages, particularly as they are both part of a historic Presbyterian Church Sister-Relationship.

To solidify the agreement, Principal Gordon will be traveling to Hualien, Taiwan, to sign the other copy of the agreement in the presence of Ma Cheng Kuei, Yu-Shan’s Convenor of the Board of Governors. She will be staying at the Seminary from October 24th until October 31st.

While in Taiwan, Principal Gordon will be participate in the Siang Lien lectureship, an endowed series at the Seminary that focuses on the practice of ministry as it relates to one of the scholarly disciplines. In addition to her lecture, titled “Biblical Interpretation and Preaching,” she will also be teaching in the Seminary’s new Doctor of Ministry program.

Crossing Cultures VI

The Crossing Cultures Together event aims to build oneness in Christ while being respectful of differences between cultures and providing an understanding that allows people to live together harmoniously across cultural differences” says Prof. Nam Soon Song, Director of the Centre for Asian-Canadian Theology and Ministry at Knox College.

The 6th Annual Crossing Cultures Together was held on May 17, 2010 with over 60 attendees participating in the full-day event. The program began at 2pm with a worship service. The Rev. Dr. Stuart Macdonald preached a sermon that focused on the phrase ‘He was a Samaritan (or an outsider).’ This phrase provided emphasis for the day – how one can change from an outsider to an insider by changing the attitude toward both in terms of the meaning of marginalization – and the activities transitioned through Christian and Native traditions and concluded with traditional Chinese music at 9:30pm.

Brian Stewart addresses the crowd at Crossing Cultures

Brian Stewart addresses the crowd at Crossing Cultures

Renowned Canadian journalist, Brian Stewart, provided a keynote address to those gathered, sharing his wide ranging experiences gleaned from his years of reporting from ten crisis areas of the world. He drew attention to the various response patterns of Canada to areas of need. He surprised those in attendance with the news that the greatest per capita giving to the Haiti crisis was from the Inuit. The reason, he said, was that the Inuit people knew from their own experience, the hardship which comes with famine, lack of adequate food supplies and natural disasters. Mr. Stewart followed his address with a question and answer period on a variety of topics related to religion and culture.

Following a delicious meal, the evening session began with a colourful demonstration by the drummers and dancers from the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. The performers invited members of the audience to join with them in one of their traditional dances as well.

The theme of ‘Diversity in Oneness” continued with a panel presentation and discussion that involved delegates from the University Presbyterian Church, Trinity Mandarin Presbyterian Church, Eglise St. Luc of Montreal and Wexford Presbyterian Church. Following the presentation was another question and answer period for those attending.

The event closed with many thanks for all those responsible for organizing such an impactful event and to Prof. Song and the Asian Centre for their role in bringing this type of learning to the community. Plans are already underway for the 2011 installment of this series.


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