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Professor Pamela McCarroll’s new book is available now!

The Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll’s new book, Waiting at the Foot of the Cross: Toward a Theology of Hope for Today, is now available!

How do we hope in the face of modernity’s failure and postmodernity’s absence of foundations? How do we hope when the future seems fearful and no clear way forward appears? How do we hope when despair, indifference, and cynicism dominate the psychic landscape of English-speaking North America?

In dialogue with theologians of the cross George Grant and Douglas John Hall, this book unmasks the failure of hope in our time and the vacuum of meaning that remains. As an exercise in the theology of the cross, Waiting at the Foot of the Cross explores the North American context as one in which true hope is discovered only when life’s negations are engaged from a posture of waiting trust. Such hope is not passive or blind. Rather, it is attentive, active, open, and spiritually grounded in the One who meets us when all hope is spent. The final chapter proposes a way toward hope for today that inspires subversive resilience in the face of the ambiguities and vicissitudes of life. Readers interested in the theology of the cross, in thinking theologically in our time and place, and those interested in the character of Christian hope will find this book compelling.

“Ultimately, McCarroll envisions practices of a hope that waits at the foot of the cross. Hers is a crucial word for the once-mainline church in a postmodern world.”

—David Schnasa Jacobsen, Professor of the Practice of Homiletics and Director of the Homiletical Theology Project, Boston University School of Theology

“McCarroll’s unique contribution shines through as she advances ‘waiting at the foot of the cross’ as a posture of receptivity that eschews easy cynicism while anticipating a hope not seduced by the official optimism symptomatic of American exceptionalism. A must-read!”

—Allen Jorgenson, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Assistant Dean, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo Ontario

“Her focus is ‘hope at the end of hope’ when crises of violence, poverty, and ecological devastation threaten as never before. Elaborating Grant’s and Hall’s criticism of technological mastery, she proposes a theology and practice of hope which is the converse of mastery, which both waits and acts, in a posture of trust and openness to the God of the cross. An important contribution to North American theology today!”

—Harold Wells, Professor Emeritus, Systematic Theology, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, Canada


Knox College is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted to the ThM, MA and conjoint ThD programs for Fall 2014. The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 9, 2014. For information on how to apply to these programs please consult the information available through the Advanced Degree Office of the Toronto School of Theology at: tstadv.degree@utoronto.ca.

Conjoint ThD Program: TST is now accepting applications for those wishing to begin doctoral studies starting in September 2014 for the 2014-2015 academic year. The conjoint Doctor of Theology (ThD) program is intended primarily to equip persons for vocations of teaching and research in theological schools, colleges and universities, or for the scholarly enhancement of ministerial practice. The ThD is offered conjointly by the University of Toronto and Knox College as one of six member schools in the Toronto School of Theology.

Application to an advanced degree program is made by submitting the online form and sending all of the supporting material to the TST Advanced Degree Office by the stated deadline. Applications are not processed until all materials and the application fee have been received. To request a separate financial aid application form, applicants should contact the TST member college to which they are applying. See this section of the TST website for information on the ThD and the application process: http://www.tst.edu/academic/programs/doctor-theology-thd.

EXPECTED CLOSURE.  Please note that TST’s current expectation is that the conjoint ThD program will be permanently closed to new admissions after September 2014. A new conjoint PhD in Theological Studies (currently undergoing an approval process) is expected to replace the ThD degree program. TST, of course, is strongly committed to supporting all doctoral students to the completion of the programs into which they were admitted.

For information about the Conjoint ThD: See this section of the TST website for information on the ThD and the application process: http://www.tst.edu/academic/programs/doctor-theology-thd.

New Conjoint PhD (Theological Studies): TST expects to open a conjoint PhD degree program in Theological Studies to a class entering in September 2015.  “Conjoint” means that the proposed PhD (in Theological Studies) will be offered conjointly by the University of Toronto and Knox College as one of six TST member colleges.  It will be administered by TST’s Graduate Centre for Theological Studies.

The new conjoint PhD application received approval from U of T (on Oct. 23) and has been submitted to the Quality Council for its approval, followed by a submission to the provincial government for funding approvals. Announcements and information have been added to the TST website: www.tst.edu.

Please note that the conjoint PhD program has not yet been approved by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance or the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities of the Province of Ontario. No offer of admission will be made to the new conjoint PhD program pending final approval by the Quality Council and the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.  Approval by the Association of Theological Schools is also required.

If you have questions about the conjoint PhD, please contact Dr. Alan Hayes at alan.hayes@utoronto.ca, or Dr. Jaroslav Skira at jerry.skira@utoronto.ca. If you have questions about the Advanced Degree admissions process, please contact Ms. Jenn Neufeld at tstadv.degree@utoronto.ca. If you have questions about being an Advanced Degree student at TST registered through Knox College please contact Dr. John Vissers at john.vissers@utoronto.ca.


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