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2015 Laidlaw Lecture a Success!

In his engaging and thought provoking lecture on March 11th, the Rev. Dr. Darrell Guder presented his ideas and arguments concerning the need for Presbyterians and Christians more generally to use a missional lens to rethink the ways they form their religious communities.

Speaking to a full room, this year’s Laidlaw Lecture was also viewed in real-time at more than 20 remote sites via YouTube. Audience members both at the college and across Canada were able to listen to Dr. Guder’s talk, ask questions and join in the lively discussion thanks to Knox College’s new video conferencing technologies in classroom 4 where the lectures were held. If you were unable to attend the lecture, you can watch the full lecture and the discussion that followed on Knox’s YouTube channel (accessed by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom right of this screen).

On March 10th, Dr. Guder also joined Knox students, faculty and staff for our weekly community chapel and supper.

Thank you to Rev. Dr. Darrell Guder, participants and all the organizers who made these events possible.

Photos: left – Laidlaw Lecture – March 11th, 2015; right – Dr. Guder and Principal Gordon – March 10th, 2015
Cuba 2015

Knox students and faculty enjoyed an exciting, informative and sunny trip to Cuba over the winter reading week. This annual trip is an option available to students taking the Mission Practicum course.

Students (from left to right)
Back Row: Seaton Brachmayer, Robert Henderson

Middle Row: Sun Jin (Leah) Ju, Trish Heidebrecht, Young Mee Yae, James Clark, Noel Ramsey, Euikyun (David) Chang, Seung-Ho (Charles) Baik, Dae Hyon (James) Kim

Front Row: Sanghun (Steven) Yoon, Jessica Foy, Mi Hoa (Michelle) Yoon, Meghan Patterson, Torrey Griffiths, Soong Nyung Huh, Julio Miranda

Photo credit: Jessica Foy and Dr. Brian Irwin


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