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Fall Issue of ConneXions magazine “Rebuilding our Home” available to read online

The Fall 2015 Issue of ConneXions Magazine “Rebuilding our Home” is available to read on our website. Click here and have access to the latest issue as well as the archive of ConneXions back issues. You can also subscribe to our ConneXions E-Newsletter.
Connexions cover
Highlights from the Fall Issue:

  • Knox’s 171st Convocation (lots of pictures!);
  • The pre-convocation workshop led by the Right Rev. Mark MacDonald, the first National Indigenous Anglican Bishop;
  • “100 Years of Connections” timeline commemorating the 100th Anniversary of our current building that marks many of the people and events that shaped the last century of Knox College;
  • Updates from the Asian Centre, M&T, KCA,
  • …and so much more!


Campus Safety

In light of recent online threats made against feminist scholars and in particular, the Women and Gender Studies and Sociology disciplines at the University of Toronto, it is important that Knox students, residents, staff and Faculty are aware of safety resources available on campus.

Resources (St. George campus):

  • Should you feel threatened in any way, you may also contact Campus Police directly – 416-978-2222 (urgent) and 416-978-2323 (non-urgent).
  • The Community Safety Office (416-978-1485) will assist faculty, student and staff with personal safety plans if requested.
  • WalkSmart Programs are available to assist faculty, students and staff who feel uncomfortable walking alone between University buildings, parking lots, and transit stops near campus: St. George WalkSmart (416-978-7233).

We encourage you to put these numbers in your mobile devices. Members of the Knox community may wish to consider the following Safety Tips when working on campus:

  • Maintain regular office hours and advise others when you are meeting with students.
  • If you are working alone in the evenings or on the weekends, you can call Campus Police and advise them of your location on campus. Special Constables will check in on you on a regular basis until you leave campus.
  • Ensure that when you enter a building after hours you close the door behind you if it locks automatically. Don’t let others into buildings or office areas if you don’t know who they are.
  • Lock your office door when you leave, even if it is only for a few minutes.

The online threats made against feminist scholars and in particular, the Women and Gender Studies and Sociology disciplines, are an inexcusable act of violence. While there is no question that the content of the posts is distressing, the information that the University has received from experts in law enforcement and threat assessment has indicated and confirmed a low risk of physical violence.

For more information about the threats and the response from the University of Toronto and police services, please visit Campus Safety. If you have any questions or concerns about your safety at Knox, please contact Principal Gordon directly.


Stay Informed

Stay Informed

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