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Knox Welcomes Students Back for the 2012-13 Academic Year

Knox College welcomed students back to its classes and residence with greetings from Principal Dorcas Gordon at Orientation Day festivities yesterday. Students and residents enjoyed a barbecue lunch together in the quad where they were able to get to know one another and also interact with representatives from their alumni associations, KEGA and KNOXFRA. Orientation activities continued through today with students attending a retreat at Crieff. The first day of class will begin on Monday, September 10.

“For almost 170 years, Knox has prepared leaders for Canadian society and beyond,” Principal Gordon told the students and residents gathered in the Chapel with Faculty and staff yesterday. “Leaders who serve the common good of Canadian society in religious communities as ministers and educators. Leaders who serve the common good of Canadian society as doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, etc. Leaders who embody Knox College’s ethos of service and hospitality. All of us; residents, theologs, Faculty and staff are the embodiment of that vision. And as we learn together and separately in this place may the essence of that vision direct our thoughts and our actions in the days ahead of the coming year.”

Honouring the Ewart Legacy
Ewart Alumnae gathered around the plaque honouring the College's Principals

Ewart Alumnae gathered around the plaque honouring the College's Principals

On August 22, 2012, over 35 Ewart alumnae and friends, representing graduating classes from as early as 1940 gathered on the lawn of the south quad at Knox, travelling from as far as Alberta and Nova Scotia to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine, a spot of tea and fellowship with old friends.

“Ewart’s emphasis on women’s leadership, Christian education and lay leadership continues today at Knox College,” Principal Dorcas Gordon said. “Today we recognize the myriad of women who lived out the legacy of Ewart, and here at Knox, we think about its ongoing contribution to the College as we continue to define the types of ministries the church needs now and into the future.”

The event was a great opportunity for alumnae to reminisce about their times at Ewart, enjoy sandwiches and scones served on plates from Ewart’s dining room and to browse through some memorabilia such as one of the many quilts made by Presbyterian women for the Ewart residence.

For more pictures from the event, please visit our photo gallery.


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