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Knox thanks former DaySpring Presbyterian Church

Laurie Spence Bannerman (at left in photo), Knox College Board of Governors member, thanks elders and members of the former DaySpring Presbyterian Church at the Presbytery of London meeting on September 13, 2016.

Laurie Spence Bannerman, Knox College Board of Governors member, thanked elders and members of the former DaySpring Presbyterian Church at the Presbytery of London meeting on September 13, 2016, held at Knox, St. Thomas.

Knox College was one of the recipients of funds given out of the dissolution of DaySpring Presbyterian Church in the Presbytery of London. In keeping with the former DaySpring Presbyterian Church’s pioneering spirit, the funds will help to train future Christian leaders for renewal and church planting. The gift will support the new Master of Pastoral Studies program of Knox College (within the re:forming Tomorrow campaign) in the area of leadership development for congregational ministry, social ministry, spiritual care, and international mission.

Knox College thanks former DaySpring members for this opportunity to continue DaySpring’s legacy.

Learn more about the re:forming Tomorrow campaign here.


A Cuban perspective on Knox

Drs. Reinerio Arce Valentin and Patricia Ares lived at Knox College from February to August, 2016, as visiting scholars from Matanzas, Cuba. There, Reinerio is Professor of Systematic Theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary; Patricia is a specialist in family and society at the University of Havana.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the Principal, Dorcas Gordon, for the invitation to be with you as Visiting Scholars. Also we would like to thank professors and workers from Knox who welcomed us and behaved toward us with great hospitality and kindness. We feel a part of this prestigious institution, and we have enjoyed our stay and our participation in the activities organized during this term. The warmth you have shown us has compensated for the cold winter in Toronto. Last but not least, we must also mention and thank the United Church of Canada for financing our travel fares.

It is difficult to speak in so short a space of our experience in Knox College in the last six months. After several years of leading the Seminary of Matanzas, being able to dedicate time for teaching and writing has been very valuable for Reinerio. The same can be said of Patricia, who has been able to finish writing her book on Family and Well-being.

Reinerio Arce Valentin, Patricia Ares, Knox Principal Dorcas Gordon, and Seminario Evangelico de Teologia Rector Carlos Emilio Ham.

Reinerio Arce Valentin, Patricia Ares, Knox Principal Dorcas Gordon, and Seminario Evangelico de Teologia Rector Carlos Emilio Ham.

Many parts of Knox life had an impact on us and connected well with us, despite language and cultural differences. We appreciated the vocational orientation of this institution, whose principal objective is the formation of pastors for the churches of Canada, especially for the Presbyterian Church. Knox exists to serve the Church, and in this way to serve the Canadian people in all their diversity.

We were also impressed by the spiritual life at Knox. The weekly chapels with students and professors, and the community dinners over which we fraternized, were most inspiring. In the same way, we valued the stimulating community activities at the end of the term, particularly the graduation ceremony. It went beyond being a formal act to become a celebration of the successes obtained through years of graduates’ efforts, and of professors’ joy and satisfaction in seeing the results of their work. It was always so rewarding for us to observe the respect for cultural diversity. The presence of Korean students and students of other nationalities fills Knox with a special character that prepares us to live in a diverse world of respect for differences.

One might worry that Knox’s emphasis on pastoral training could affect the academic level of courses or students’ capacity to assimilate a high biblical theological level. However, this is not the case. We were impressed with the high academic level of this institution and its interest not only in the theology of North America but also in the theology in other contexts. Hence, Reinerio offered a course on Contextual Theologies. We also participated in other courses in which the interest in the life of the Church and theological production from other contexts was evident.

Lastly, we want to express our great satisfaction for the relationships between our two institutions. The exchange between our professors and students, especially the visits of Knox students to the Seminary of Matanzas, constitutes a significant program which makes students from both institutions understand the global character of the Mission of the Church and the diversity of today’s world.

We thank God for this opportunity to share and to learn together with you. May God continue to guide you in your educational mission for the glory of his name.




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