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Sangjoon Hall celebrates ten years

On October 5, 2016, alumni, students, and faculty of Knox College and Sangjoon Hall of Theology celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Sangjoon Hall of Theology – one of Knox College’s significant denominational and international partnerships.

In 2006, the Korean Evangelical Church of the Americas (KECA) and Knox College agreed to partner in preparing English speaking KECA candidates for ministry. To facilitate this work, Knox College Principal Dorcas Gordon and the Rev. Dr. Chun Hoi Heo established the Sangjoon Hall of Theology at Knox College. Since 2006, KECA students enrolled in the Knox Master of Divinity program have been able to fulfil their denominational requirements in polity and Wesleyan history and theology as part of their degree. Upon completion of their studies, they receive a Master of Divinity degree from Knox College and a Certificate from Sangjoon Hall of Theology.

Members of the Knox community along with students, alumni, and faculty of Sangjoon Hall marked the anniversary with a lunch and a service of celebration in the Knox Chapel. The Reverend Doctors Chun Hoi Heo and Hye Kyung Heo have been leading this joint endeavor, and they presided at the anniversary event. On behalf of Knox College, Principal Gordon and John Vissers, Director of Academic Programs at Knox, delivered messages of congratulations and encouragement. On behalf of the denomination and university, the Reverend Shin Woong Lee, Past Moderator of the Korean Evangelical Holiness Church, travelled from Korea specifically to attend the service and share a message of encouragement.











Registration now open for RENEW 2016: November 8-9

Registration is now open for RENEW 2016!

Join us on November 8-9, 2016 for LIVING THE REFORMATION TODAY:  THREE ISSUES

1) Truth and Reconciliation: Calls to Action for Seminary and Church — Tuesday, Nov 8, 1:30 – 4:30pm

2) Doctor Assisted Death, Part 2 (follow up from RENEW 2015) — Wednesday, Nov 9, 9:30am – 12:30pm

3) Lois Stewart Klempa Memorial Inaugural Lecture: Insights from the Middle East — Wednesday, Nov 9, 2-4pm

RENEW is a continuing education event for those on the front lines of theology and practice. Events are FREE but registration is required. Learn more and register at www.knox.utoronto.ca/renew.


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