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Lunar New Year Celebration Tues. Feb. 9

Please celebrate the Lunar New Year with us Tuesday, February 9 at 5:15pm in the Knox Dining Hall. Korean dishes (Bulgoki, Galbi-Korean BBQ, Chicken, Pork, Korean vegetables, Kim Chi, Jabchae, Sushi) and other delicious food will be provided for the community dinner. The meal is being hosted by the Asian Centre with support from the KCA and M&T Society.

All members of the Knox community are welcome to attend.

To help us cover the cost of this special meal, recommended donation is $10 ($5 from residents).

This celebration will be preceded by our weekly community worship service beginning at 4:15pm in the Knox Chapel. All are welcome to attend.


Upcoming TST Event: In God’s Image: A Celebration of Women in Theology

123On March 8, 2016, International Women’s Day, the member colleges of the Toronto School of Theology will celebrate and acknowledge the participation and achievements of women in theology. This event brings together TST’s seven member colleges in communal celebration to foster a spirit of ecumenism and to be a means of visible and tangible support for women studying, practicing and living theology.

Event Timeline:
12:30 pm – Inclusive worship service, Wycliffe College Chapel
1:30 pm – WomenTalk Panel Discussion*, Hart House, Debates Room
5:30 pm – Honorary Awards Ceremony, Hart House, Music Room
6:30 pm – Dinner, Hart House, Music Room

*Panelists: Eleanor Clitheroe, Connie denBok, Cheri DiNovo, Margaret Lavin, Catherine Sider-Hamilton, Elizabeth Muir, Lois Wilson

Tickets are $30 for the Honorary Awards Ceremony and Dinner and can be purchased through Eventbrite (link above).

For more information, contact Claudia Miatello: 647-505-7031 or
claudia.miatello@mail.utoronto.ca, or click HERE.


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