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Summer Lecturers


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August 2017 Lecturers:


Tony Burman

Tony Burman is a former Managing Director of Al Jazeera’s English news channel in Qatar (2008-2010). While at the CBC, he spent more than three decades as an award-winning news and documentary producer, working in 30 countries, including seven years as CBC’s Editor-in-Chief. He lectured at the Ryerson’s School of Journalism (2011-16) and currently writes for the Toronto Star. Course C

Roseen Giles

Roseen Giles is a Faculty Fellow at Colby College for the 2016-17 academic year. She completed a doctoral degree in musicology at the University of Toronto in 2016 with a dissertation exploring the aesthetics of Claudio Monteverdi’s late madrigals, in particular, the relationship between music and poetry in the composer’s settings of Giambattista Marino’s verses. She is currently working on a monograph about Marino’s pervasive influence on musical composition and aesthetics during the first half of the seventeenth century. Her research interests also extend to music and devotional practice in the early modern period, Baroque Italian poetry, the music of the Renaissance, and the musical notation of medieval Armenia. Course A

William Huffman

Will Huffman is an arts administrator, curator, educator, and writer with a history of extensive involvement on both local and international cultural fronts. He has had many curatorial and management affiliations with such organizations as The Power Plant, Toronto Arts Council, and Inuit Art Foundation. He is currently Marketing Manager with Dorset Fine Arts, an affiliate office of the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative, located in downtown Toronto. He frequently travels to Cape Dorset and has become a friend of and advocate for the artists of the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative and the Cape Dorset community. His knowledge of the northern Cape Dorset artists brings a unique and important perspective to both the national and international arts communities. Course D

Sean Kinnear

Sean is a PhD student in History at McMaster University. His dissertation examines everyday life in the Soviet Gulag under Stalin, with a focus on the 1930s. Drawing from thousands of letters written by inmates to their families, he examine the ways in which prisoners coped with incarceration and isolation, and how the day-to-day experiences detailed in their letters compare with the contents of their memoirs penned years later. Course C

John Percy

John Percy, PhD, is a very active Professor Emeritus in the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at U of T. His scholarly interests include the nature and evolution of stars, and also astronomy education and outreach. He has served as president of six national or international scientific societies, and received many awards, including the inaugural U of T President’s Teaching Award in 2007, the inaugural Qilak Award for excellence in communicating astronomy to the Canadian public in 2012, and the Education Prize of the American Astronomical Society in 2013. Course B

Brian Stewart

One of this country’s most experienced journalists and foreign correspondents, Brian Stewart is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. He also sits on the advisory board of Human Rights Watch Canada. In almost four decades of reporting, he has covered many of the world’s conflicts and reported from 10 war zones, from El Salvador to Beirut and Afghanistan. Course C

Samantha Stevens-Hall

Samantha is PhD student in History at McMaster University. Her research is an intellectual history of East Africa, with a focus on writing in the kingdom of Buganda during the transition to colonial rule in the late 19th century and the early decades of the Uganda Protectorate. She is also a Graduate Fellow at the Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship where she is building an open access online archive of Baganda intellectuals using materials collected in Uganda during her field work. Course C


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