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Bursary assistance is available on the basis of financial need to Basic Degree and Advanced Degree students at Knox College. While both part-time and full-time students may apply, all eligible full-time Basic Degree students (i.e. taking 8-10 credits)  may receive up to $4,000 (based on 2009-2010 Academic Year). Part-time students will receive a pro-rated amount.

Visit the Forms section for bursary applications.

Bursary Database

The following document was prepared in recognition of a need expressed in a recommendation approved by the 130th General Assembly. That recommendation was to produce an easily accessible database of bursary assistance be made available to ministry students. With this database being of importance for Students and Colleges, the summer position for an Assistant at Knox College was created and funded by a grant from the Ontario Government. Our thanks to the Ontario Government for this funding.

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Full Tuition Bursary Policy

Knox College will provide a bursary of 100% of course tuition to students who meet the following conditions:

  1. Current certification by a presbytery of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.
  2. Full-time studies in the Master of Divinity program and the Diploma of the College (or equivalent as a General Assembly student). Full-time study is defined as a minimum of 4 courses per semester for each of the Fall and Winter semesters. Students who meet this condition are also eligible for 100% bursary support for summer courses.
  3. The tuition bursary is for a period of three years and must be renewed annually by completing a bursary application by the deadline. A separate application must be completed for summer courses.
  4. Renewal of the bursary annually is conditional upon maintaining satisfactory academic standing.
  5. The bursary is for 100% course tuition excluding additional academic, administrative, and incidental fees charged by Knox, TST, and/or U of T.
  6. In exceptional cases, international students who have a current certification by a presbytery of The Presbyterian Church in Canada will be eligible for a bursary equal to the amount of 100% domestic tuition.

The full tuition bursary program will begin with students entering September 2018, and will be reviewed annually.